We’re pretty passionate about home spaces over here, and we value coming home to an apartment that feels like luxury, and good and YES. We know you want to give your home the love it deserves, and keep it looking and feeling as good as the day you moved in. After all, clean apartments make happy dwellers (and we want you to be happy).

Bedrooms easily become home to dust and allergens, as well as empty drinking glasses, old magazines and that knot of a power cord bundle you've got growing in the corner. Commit to clearing up what's weighing you down today, and head over to the heart of where you live-YOUR BEDROOM.

Get your space spiffy in just 15 minutes with these simple Tips for Keeping Your Bedroom Tidy. It's true that you may not be able to find the meaning of life in a productive morning cleanup, BUT YOU MIGHT FIND SOME PEACE OF MIND AND GOOD JUJU (Just sayin').

Set your clock for 15 minutes, and...GO:

  • Gather your supplies. You won't get far if you don't have anything to do your dirty work with. Grab garbage bags, broom and dustpan, swiffers, vacuum, dust spray, etc. into one pile, and bring with you into your room before you start.
  • Pick up stuff. Decide what you need and don't need lying around your room. GATHER IT ALL UP. Place all extraneous "stuff" on your bed in a pile.
  • Sort and organize your stuff. If it doesn't "belong" in your room (i.e. trash, papers, water glasses, etc.), take it out of your room and put it into it's proper space. For other items, find an organized and neat home. For example, put shoes on a shoe rack beside your door or inside your closet. Hang clothes neatly in your closet. Put away extra books/magazines on shelves or in storage containers underneath your bed.
  • CLEAN. Now that you've eliminated clutter, get into the cleaning. Make your bed, vacuum rugs or carpet, sweep floor spaces, dust, scrub, wipe down and wash surfaces and items.
  • Put away supplies. If you haven't already, find a neat home for your cleaning supplies, and put them away. Keep these items stored in a way that makes them easily and readily accessible.

Commit to tidying up your bedroom three times per week, and see how easy it becomes to quickly ramp up your space, and your attitude. Want additional resources? Check out Apartment Therapy and WikiHow.

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